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Excellence in Neuroradiology

Welcome to the EBNR website

The European Board of Neuroradiology - Diagnostic and Interventional (EBNR) is a professional organization dedicated to organizing exams and issuing certificates for the European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR) and higher qualifications in all diagnostic and interventional neuroradiology subspecialties.

The EBNR is the sole official organization that provides diplomas and certificates in Diagnostic and Interventional Neuroradiology in Europe, and has the endorsement of the European Union of Medical Specialists-The Council for European Specialists Medical Assessment (UEMS-CESMA). The UEMS-CESMA is an advisory body of the UEMS with the goal to provide recommendations and advice on the organization of European examinations for medical specialists at the European level. For further information, please refer to: https://www.uems.eu/areas-of-expertise/postgraduate-training/cesma.

Currently, the EBNR is providing the European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR) and four higher qualification Diplomas:

1. European Diploma in Pediatric Neuroradiology (EDiPNR)

2. European Diploma in Spine Radiology (EDiSR)

3. European Diploma in Interventional Neuroradiology (EDiINR)

4. European Diploma in Head & Neck Neuroradiology (EDiHNNR)

The European Diploma in Neuroradiology (EDiNR) certifies that the holder has a level of knowledge and competence in line with the requirements of the EBNR, the European School of Neuroradiology (ESONR), and the European Training Curriculum for Radiology level III (www.myesr.org/trainingcurriculum).

The EBNR website aims to facilitate the flow that provides detailed information about the requirements for a Diploma, as well as eligibility criteria. For an overview of these matters related to the Diploma, please visit EBNR Diploma overview.

Several exams will be organized by the EBNR each year; for exam dates and application, please visit the Examination Calendar.

Prof. Dr. Majda M. Thurnher, Chair of the Management Board.