EBNR / European Diplomas / European Diploma in Diagnostic Spine Neuroradiology / 1. Introduction - About EDiDSNR
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The European Diploma in Spine Diagnostic Neuroradiology (EDiDSNR) examination is organized by the European Board of Neuroradiology (EBNR).

The EBNR certifications, including EDiDSNR, confirm proof of super-specialization training in addition to national qualifications. The EDiDSNR represents a standard of Diagnostic Spine Neuroradiology training across Europe through attendance at the European Courses on Spine Radiology and proof of understanding by passing the various components of the individual course examinations, as well as the final examination. The EDiDSNR is a high-quality test of knowledge at the end of training, and a certificate of excellence that certifies the candidate’s competence in the field of Spine Neuroradiology.