EBNR / European Diplomas / European Diploma in Pediatric Neuroradiology / 6. Reprint Diploma Copy
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Procedures regarding the reprint of Diplomas

A reprint can be requested in case the Diploma got lost or is damaged.

1. Only the owner of the Diploma can hand in the request.

The request needs to be sent in by email, indicating Diploma name, when it was first issued, the number of the Diploma and the updated address of shipment to the EBNR Central Office (info@ebnr.org)

2. The reprint will be prepared in accordance with its original. There will be "second print" inscription on the diploma.

3. The processing and mailing fee (normal mail) of 50€ should be paid to the EBNR Central Office. In case the requester prefers to have the Diploma sent by registered mail (DHL, etc.) the full charge of the delivery is on the ordering side.