EBNR / European Diplomas / European Diploma in Spine Interventional Neuroradiology / 4. Application and Documents
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a. The deadline for the applications for the final examination for the European Diploma in Spine Interventional Neuroradiology (EDiSINR) is end of June 30th of the year of planned examination. Applications and requests after the deadline will not be granted.

b. All documents originally in a different language should be accompanied by an official translation into the English language.

c. Applications shall be made online over www.ebnr.org

d. During the online registration you also have to submit:

- Curriculum Vitae, indicating medical degrees (undergraduate / graduate / postgraduate), and a list of publications (Vancouver standards) listed in PubMed and/or Web of Science

- Proof of completion of radiology or neuroradiology training from their national certifying bodies.

- Proof of good-standing membership

- Proof of completion of modules of the European Course in Spine Interventional Neuroradiology (ECSINR), including documentation that you have successfully passed the written course examinations

- Proof of logbook

After the evaluation of the applications by the EBNR (not later than July 30th) approved eligible candidates to take examination will be informed with details of the date and time of the examination.

Examination fees are payable with the application. For details of current examination fees, follow the link: http://www.esnr.org/payments.php

These terms and conditions serve as a binding contract between the European Board of Neuroradiology (EBNR) and the candidate of European Diploma in Spine Interventional Neuroradiology (EDiSINR) examinations.